Tuesday, February 3, 2009

:: Today's To Do List ::

Tuesday, 3rd February 2009

1. UTM Courseware Project
- Review SWF for Team 2
- Prepare VO Script for Module 2
- Pick up the FLAs file and meet Khatijah for amendments
- To email Prof Ghani the storyboards

2. Bulletpages CMS
- Prepare the Agent's User Manual
- Follow-up with En Jaafar for amendments and additional features
- Test Run Bulletpages CMS
- Prepare the SOP

- Prepare the presentation slides
- Prepare the prototype User Manual
- Test Run the prototype
- Follow up with Caspian on second prototype

4. iQuran Project
- Prepare the Terjemahan Al-Fatihah based on JAKIM Digital Resource Center
- to remind Ustaz Suhaimi to resend the Huraian of Al-FAtihah.
- to update the progress worksheet.

5. Sharing Profit Club
- Prepare Quotation

Banyaknya keje saya.. dah mula fening nih.. mcm2 ada... wuhuhuhu...

By the way, tadi sy terjumpe this sample of To-Do-List. Suitable for Working mom..
Please have a look - Click Here

Ok lah, nak berjuang utk hari ni.. May GOD Bless All... AMIN


mYpRecious said...

Wah manyaknye keje.. berjuang utk kejayaan.. Hiksss.. :)

Mulakan hari dengan senyuman..

zeti said...

byknye keje wanie.. selamat b'juang okeh ;)

nURmALa mAZLan said...

Wah!!! Sangat sistematik la wanie…siap buat to do list lagi..