Thursday, February 12, 2009

:: Everything about NEW ::

iQuran in Progress

Yuhuuu... I'll updating now..
This week is an exhausting week...and I guess, not only this week...this coming following weeks will be more and more exhausting and a bit stressful.. Lots of works needed to be done..on their respective 'deadlines'.. Arggghhhh... what a 'nyawa-nyawa ikan' time dah ni... but I'd still update this blog no matter what... eventhough me kebizian keamatan ketidakbolehan kemaafan... hehehe

Maintaining and keep updating the blog not such an easy job.. sometimes, mood nk update membuak2.. but there's no interesting stories to share. Almost 3 years dah berjinak dgn blogging world, ada kala rajin terlajak nak update blog.. sometimes when a 'big M' datang menyerang... seminggu pun takde nak update.. Mula2 berblogging.. leh kata selang 2 3 jam rasa nak update..wahahaha.As for now, (jam menunjukkan pukul 4.30am) ketika orang semua sibuk dibuai mimpi2 indah.. I'm updating my blog. Having a lot of things to share with you guys..

Currently, I'm doing my iQuran project. Bangun awal utk siapkan the prototype.
What is iQuran? iQuran is an interactive quran cd-based learning courseware. Need to be present the prototype on this coming Friday. My team kena siapkan juzuk 30 by end of this month.. wohoooo ya ampun!!

Oh ya, whooaaaa... it's a time to say 'Goodbye to Jeans' for just a moments..I hope.. ekekeke. Now, I'm entering my second trimester of pregnancy..bangun pagi nak pi keje, sarung2 jeans dah tak boleh butang.. wahahahaha... and what my husband said 'Cayalah.. welcome to the club...' I pregnant yang tak surut2 nih..' rasa nak cekik dia pun tak jadi.. lagi mau tergelak dgn his words... Actually, not the jeans jer dah tak muat, but my slack pun dah tak muat..Hmm.. now dah kena beli maternity slack... (still thinking about nasib2 suar jeans me, entah boleh dipakai semula tak after 9months period or adakah saya memerlukan jeans with the NEW SIZE??)

Btw, beberapa jam je lagi.. me and Yon akan start working at Damansara. Our NEW office at Menara Luxor... huhuhu.. No more freedom macam dulu nak pakai baju sesuka hati jerk pi office. Back to my normal worklife dulu... kena pakai formal and maybe sometimes be a corporate look.

New tasks and position there... MD dah brief dlm meeting 2 days ago. The most important thing, nak kena tukar mentality and belajar buat decision yang betul dan tepat... this will be my next stage of my life... worklife yang semakin and Yon nak kena work hard, at least we can be a good manager and handle the projects dengan lebih effective.

We decided nak carpool jer pegi keje... Since Bangi to Damansara ni boleh dikatakan jauh la jugak.. dengan tol yang beringgit2 tu.. the best solution yang kami fikirkan adalah carpool.. So everything boleh share, minyak, tol, parking....and due to my health condition oso. Cuma thinking of kalau2 keje luar... sbb my jobtasks byk jugak kat luar.. jumpe freelancer, jumpe co-worker, jumpe client, meeting here and there...

Whatever it is, hopefully semua berjalan lancar... erm.. new discovery and least, I did a little growing up. Thanks to GOD for this best opportunity...

Everything about NEW? Yes... new working life, new jobtasks, new position, new thinking, new environment and not to forget 'New size of trousers' wahahaha...

Got to go! Happy Thursday everyone.... try your best to be happy today :)

*Footnote: Suka buat keje time2 Subuh cenggini.. tenang..


CoNniE said...

Wah... bagus la iQuran tu.. dah siap nnt publish kat website la kirenye yea?

Zu said...

mesti comel kalau dah mula pakai baju maternity hehehe