Sunday, April 5, 2009

:: Giving Thanks ::

Sunday, April 05, 2008

I am thanks for 'lempeng' I've made for breakfast today, wahh lama tak makan..

I am thanks to hubby dearie for - did laundry, drove me to Bangsar Village, went for Bumps & Mums Weekend Event, enjoyed our lunch at Nando's Restaurant, had iced chocolate,1/4 mild peri-peri chicken with 2 sidelines - peri chips and potato salad. And the most important, thanks for our sweet 1 year old relationship!!

I am thanks for great doorgift/token given by the organizer of Bumps & Mums Weekend event, like it very2 much...

I am thanks for the short-precious time we had today, went for groceries shopping.. stock bahan mentah semua dah ku bereskan.. fridge pun dah 'clear' and no more muzium2.. ehehehe

Last but not least, thanks to Umi, Abah and Aina for mempelam & jambu, special from Kuantan ehehehe.. bedak sejuk for mengubati resdung hubs and of coz utk merawat pimples di mukaku.. ekekeke

I am especially thanks for the fact that I can go to sleep right now, in my comfort bed and my heating blanket..while the 'lelaki simpanan' (I guess) inside my tummy still doing his kickboxing exercise.. hihihihi.. so sweet hah!

Hmm... by giving thanks, it helps me to fall asleep feeling the good things in life...
If you are already thinking positively ... good dreams alwayz follow...InsyaAllah!
I am thanks for this notebook and blog.. Good night!!


Zu said...

Dah pandai kickboxing kat dlm tu ekkk...hehehehe:D

Elyn said...

hihi thanks for "updeting"!!

CoNniE said...

hehehe.. buat lempeng yea..


Hannahadi76 said...

think positive. perut kecik ke besor ke, takdek kes la yang oiii. yang penting anak sihat, kita sihat. that's matter most!

one more thing, enjoy your pregnancy. jgn suka banding kita ngan orang lain. mana sama...