Monday, May 4, 2009

:: Aura Aurellia ::

Gambar dicilok dari my boss's blog.. ya ampun...

Sebaik saje kuar wad harituh, my Boss called.
Cit cat pasal Lagenda Aurellia ni..
Sangat eksaited!!! Uhuhuhuhu...Cant wait for this project...
Not sure yet.. cemana I can get involve....

Anyhow, wanna say Congrats to my dedicated boss and his friends!
At last, diorang dapat peluang to do it!! yeahhhh

Actually, this Lagenda Aurellia project has been approved by Cradle Investment Programme and the team will start developing it soon.

It's actually a free online game. nak tau lebih2... TUNGGGUUU!!!

1 comment:

zeti said...

best nama project tu..
aurellia ;)