Wednesday, December 31, 2008

:: the Fruitful Year 2008 ::

Hi all,

I'm back. Back into blogging scene.. Been lazy blogger about 2 weeks now...

Hmmm oh ya, this is the last day before we welcome 2009. It's time to look back 2008 and reflect on everything.... I'm so thankful for the ups and downs in my 2008 life journey.

So much has changed this year... and I feel so blessed. The positive and negative experiences makes me grow. Yeah, life is never easy, but we can always come thru any problems. We just need to keep focused on the truth, pamper ourselves more, stay beautiful inside and out, give it up to GOD and we will do juz fine. Learn and grow.

At the age of 27 (wow, tahun depan dah 28), let me share to you all the things that I should be thankful for 2008:

I meet my husband in April dis year...and me kehilangan arwah Pakcik yg telah kembali ke Rahmatullah pada 15 April.... me takkan lupe masa2 that I spent with my auntie take care of arwah yg terlantar hampir 3 months kt hospital.. Jari me tersepit kt pintu kereta just sbb nak cepat dptkan arwah yg tengah tenat... then arwah ditransferkan ke ICU. Now, dah 8months arwah pergi meninggalkan kami... Now, I miss him badly.. Sgt sedih sbb arwah tak sempat tgk me kahwin... sbb itulah yg sgt2 dinantikan oleh arwah...but Tuhan lebih sayangkan dia.. :)

Yeah 2008!! I got married!! Married to the guy named "Azhar Awadz". I have a happy married life.Our relationship as husband and wife are very much ok. Though, we encountered a few misunderstanding but that things is just a part of life.... Baru2 kawen, biaselaaa its take time for us to adapt beberapa perkara yg rasa mcm 'jakun'... hehehe especially to me laaa... sbb as wife, rasanya extra works tu lagi berlipat ganda...but i love being a wife!!!

Happy jugak becoz in 2008, me, lia n adik dpt che-che in law... ekekeke... and of coz my parents lagi happy becoz dpt menantu 2 orang sekaligus tahun ni... heheheheh my eldest bro have been married for 11months.

And I have a very good relationship with in laws.Thanks God!! And of coz sgt happy sbb ada Aina n Aiman!!

Oh yeah...little one inside me~!!! Thanks to GOD for this previous gift.. It is a very special time in a woman's life.And this is the most challenging time for me... having a severe morning sickness...Hope dat everything will be safe and I really enjoy the experience of being a 'mom'.

Are you ready for 2009?
This coming 2009, the husband and I would like to great all our frens a very wonderful New Year and may it bring lots of happiness to your life....

and Salam 1430H to all muslims out theres!!


inie-chan said...

marilah kite ber yeay!!~ di tahun 2009~~~~

Munirah Abd said...

wahhh..happy for u!! ada little khalifah inside urs..hehehehe..

Happy New Year..
moga tahun baru ni lebih bermakna buat wani dan hubby...!!!

Elyn said...

happy new year..........

aku la ros said...

happy new year.. hehehe

mYpRecious said...

Happy New Year Wanie..